The Hertog alumni network has grown to include a diverse group of over 1,400 emerging leaders from the U.S. and abroad. Hertog alumni remain active and engaged with the Foundation, as well as connected with each other. Each year, alumni return to participate in our summer programming or receive invitations to attend special invitation-only seminars for young professionals. Past seminars topics include American political thought, the Iraq War, and statesmanship in the 20th century.

War Studies alumni have the opportunity to participate in Advanced War Studies Courses. These sessions are offered in the winter and summer, and focus either on a national security challenge or on a historical conflict.

Young Professional Programs

America: Farewell to Greatness?

Examine the broad challenges to American greatness, today and in the future.

American Ideas

Explore the central ideas that have given shape to American democracy.

Great Figures: David Ben-Gurion

Assess the visionary leadership of David Ben-Gurion, founding father and first prime minister of Israel.

Great Figures: Margaret Thatcher

Learn how Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady of British politics, set Britain on a new course and helped end the Cold War.

Great Figures: Ronald Reagan

Chart the dramatic rise of the modern conservative movement by studying the political career of Ronald Reagan.

Great Figures: Winston Churchill

Consider the challenges of statesmanship through the words and deeds of Winston S. Churchill.

The Transformation of American Government

Examine three fundamental changes in American government and the political roots of these changes.

The War in Iraq: A Study in Decision-Making

Examine key strategic decisions during one of the most dynamic confrontations of the late 20th and early 21st centuries: the U.S. and Iraq.

Theory and Practice in Government Policy

Study the influence of ideas in four areas of policy contention—taxation, regulation, welfare, and abortion.

World Order & American Foreign Policy

Explore the nature of the world order and America’s role in shaping it.

Advanced War Studies Courses

The Ideology & Strategy of al Qaeda & ISIS

Explore major intellectual discussions underpinning the Salafi-jihadist ideology of al Qaeda and ISIS.

Other Courses You Might Be Interested In

American Democratic Capitalism

Explore the intersection of theory and practice in our national politics, and particularly in our key economic debates.

Varieties of American Conservatism

Discover the intellectual roots of modern conservatism.

American Political Thought

Engage key texts that have helped shape the political idea – and political ideals – of America.

Grand Strategy

Examine foundational texts on grand strategy and international order.