Winter 2018 Weekend Seminars

Washington, DC

Hertog Weekend Seminars provide top undergraduates with the rare opportunity to engage in high-level intellectual discussion and debate on the most influential works in political thought and the most pressing policy issues facing the United States with renowned scholars, leading experts, and a community of peers from across the country.

Not a lecture or a conference, each seminar is centered around in-depth, student-driven dialogue on a set of curated readings. Seminars typically begin on a Friday evening and conclude Sunday afternoon. In addition to providing course materials, the Hertog Foundation covers all meals, travel, and lodging costs.

Applications for the Weekend Seminars are now under review. Candidates selected for interviews will be contacted on a rolling basis from late February to early March.

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The Hertog Foundation provides travel, lodging, meals, books, and all course materials. We ask only for your time and thoughtful participation.

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The North Korean Crisis
Consider the strategic options for dealing with North Korea.
March 9 – March 11, 2018
Understanding Populism
Understand the resurgence of populism in America.
April 13 – April 15, 2018
The Supreme Court’s 2017-18 Term
Study two landmark cases from a momentous Supreme Court term.

Alumni Spotlight


Julia Gorman is currently pursuing a career in economic consulting in Boston. As a recent college graduate, she participated in the 2015 Political Studies Program.

“The Hertog Foundation’s educational mission is simply to form more thoughtful citizens. As a result, Hertog selects students who are bright, driven, and intellectually curious, but who possess a range of beliefs and pursuits. I have no doubt that some of the people I’ve studied with at Hertog will influence the civic, intellectual, and political life of the United States for the better.”

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JULY 22 – JULY 28, 2018
The Constitution, The Courts, and Conservatism
Explore the debates within conservative legal thought on the courts and the Constitution.
July 22 – August 4, 2018
Varieties of American Conservatism
Explore the intellectual roots of modern conservatism.
July 22 – August 4, 2018
American Democratic Capitalism
Explore the intersection of theory and practice in our national politics, and particularly in our key economic debates.
July 29 – August 4, 2018
Grand Strategy
Examine foundational texts on grand strategy and international order.