On October 6, 1973, on Yom Kippur, the forces of Egypt and Syria invaded Israel and launched the Yom Kippur War. Fifty years and one day later, Hamas terrorists invaded southwest Israel, killed some 1,400 Israelis, took some 200 hostages, and, in so doing, opened up a new front in the simmering conflict that pits Iran and its supporters—China and Russia among them—against Israel and its chief supporter, the United States.

This seminar, led by historian and foreign policy expert Michael Doran, will take a comprehensive look at the Yom Kippur War, analyzing what happened, how it happened, and the ways it changed the future of the Middle East. In particular, it will focus on the Middle East policy and strategy of Henry Kissinger, who, in a sharp break with traditional American thinking on the Arab-Israeli conflict, saw a strategic opportunity to move Egypt from the Soviet camp into the American orbit in the Cold War.

Mike Doran on Israel at War


Michael Doran

Michael Doran, an expert in U.S. policy toward the Middle East, radical Islam, and the Arab-Israeli conflict, is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute. He has also held a number of senior U.S. government posts related to Middle East policy and strategic communication.

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