The North Korean Crisis

Christopher J. Griffin

Hertog Foundation | 2018

The North Korean nuclear crisis represents a decades-long failure of policy across multiple administrations of both major parties. It may also be a harbinger of the challenges American will face in a more proliferated world and the choices that may determine the extent of future proliferation. In this weekend seminar, students will look at the strategic options for dealing with North Korea and its nuclear program. As they gain a more detailed understanding of the background and current contours of the North Korean nuclear crisis, they will also explore how the challenges we have faced in responding to North Korea offer important lessons that apply to American efforts to combat Iran’s nuclear ambitions as well as Russia and China’s revisionist agendas.

Discussion sessions will be punctuated with expert guest discussions over lunch and dinner, and culminate in a crisis simulation, which will allow students to apply their knowledge in a focused discussion of how North Korea may seek to fundamentally challenge the American alliance system in Northeast Asia.

Image courtesy White House