The Hertog Foundation Announces Summer 2023 Political Studies Fellows

June 6, 2023 – The Hertog Foundation announced 36 fellows for its 2023 Political Studies Program. Our Political Studies fellows will spend six weeks this summer studying the theory and practice of politics alongside outstanding peers and master teachers.

Fellows will delve into classic texts such as Plato’s Republic, Aristotle’s Rhetoric, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War. They will also study the practice of politics through case studies of leadership in wartime and by surveying approaches to contemporary social issues. A guest speaker series will introduce fellows to prominent men and women in public life, including Members of Congress, high-level government officials, journalists, and policy experts.

The Political Studies Program is open to current undergraduates and recent graduates. Our fellows represent 29 different colleges and universities, with an average GPA of 3.86. The seminars are fully subsidized by the Foundation, including housing, all course materials, and a stipend to support fellows’ study.

The Hertog Foundation sponsors several highly competitive and selective educational programs for outstanding individuals who seek to influence the intellectual, civic, and political life of the United States. Learn more about our offerings at

2023 Political Studies Fellows:

Gabriel Babineaux, University of Texas at Austin, 2026
Avery Bower, Cornell University, 2023
Caroline Campbell, University of Georgia, 2023
Andre Chang, University of South Carolina-Columbia, 2024
Josh Cotlar, American University, 2024
Jack Cryer, University of Sheffield, 2024
Arsalan Darbin, University of Houston, 2022
Rachel Davis, Liberty University, 2024
Abbee Elwell, Hillsdale College, 2023
Wyatt Flicker, University of Delaware, 2026
Sara Fors, St. John’s College-Santa Fe, 2023
Dylan Fox-Arnold, Carleton College, 2025
Thomas Gilmore, Ave Maria University, 2023
Surya Gowda, University of Chicago, 2024
Jason He, Yale University, 2024
Joseph Johns, University of Virginia 2024
Rose Keller, Bowdoin College, 2024
Maia Kiniyalocts, George Washington University, 2023
Meredith Kottom, Hillsdale College, 2024
Rob Leavitt, Baylor University, 2024
Adam Lehodey, Columbia University, 2025
Trevor MacKay, Yale University, 2025
Luke Martin, Princeton University, 2024
Patrick McDonald, Hillsdale College, 2026
Ethan Nylen, St. Thomas University, 2023
Henry Olsen, McGill University, 2025
Adam Powers, St. John’s College-Annapolis, 2024
Sam Rechek, University of South Florida, 2023
Tom Rollins, Harvard University, 2022
Helen Schlueter, Hillsdale College, 2024
Josiah Stephens, Baylor University, 2023
Megan Walsh, Davidson College, 2025
Kate Whitaker, University of Chicago, 2023
Alma Wolf, University of Virginia, 2023
Charles Yockey, University of Notre Dame, 2023
Ashley Zhang, University of Southern California, 2022