May 15, 2024 – The Hertog Foundation awarded 112 Summer Fellowships to outstanding undergraduates and young professionals to study political ideas and public policy in Washington, DC.

All fellowships include a full scholarship, housing, course materials, and a stipend to support our fellows’ study. This summer, the Foundation is sponsoring four fellowships: Political StudiesConstitutional Studies, Security Studies, and War Studies.

  • In 2024, 540 individuals, representing 251 colleges and universities, applied for a Hertog Summer Fellowship.
  • The average applicant GPA was 3.73.
  • The Foundation selected 32 Political Studies Fellows, 23 Constitutional Studies Fellows, 39 Security Studies Fellows, and 18 War Studies Fellows.
  • Fellows represent 68 colleges and universities. Top performing institutions include Harvard University (9), Yale University (5), University of Virginia (5), Tufts University (4), and Princeton University (4).

Congratulations to those institutions and to all whose students were selected as fellows this year! A full list of Summer Fellows can be found below.

Since 2010, over 1,800 students have participated in a Hertog Fellowship. An educational not-for-profit, the Hertog Foundation sponsors several highly competitive and selective educational programs for outstanding individuals who seek to influence the intellectual, civic, and political life of the United States.

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2024 Political Studies Fellows:

32 Political Studies Fellows will spend six weeks this summer studying the theory and practice of politics alongside outstanding peers and master teachers.

Victoria Ashley, Auburn University, 2025 Gideon Askowitz, CUNY-Macaulay Honors College, 2026
Mary Blackstock, Davidson College, 2026 Trent Bunker, Tufts University, 2025
Declan Carney, Bard College, 2026 Aurelio James Atl Castro Asmussen, Yale University, 2024
Sarah Clark, St. Olaf College, 2025 David Conway, University of Oxford, 2025
George Currie, Georgetown University, 2026 Julian Gonzalez, Yale University, 2026
Wilson He, Yale University, 2023 William Helman, Bard College, 2025
Connor Johnston, Tufts University, 2024 Maia Katsnelson, Brandeis University, 2025
Seonghae Kim, Columbia University, 2026 Emmaline Lombardo, Villanova University, 2026
Cullan McHugh, College of the Holy Cross, 2026 Muthu Meenakshisundaram, University of Minnesota-Morris, 2026
Jason Milch, University of Pennsylvania, 2024 Kellen Narke, University of Virginia, 2025
Charlotte Nicholas, St. John’s College-Annapolis Luke Ogden, University of Dallas, 2025
Anna Pate, University of Texas at Austin, 2024 Bernadette Rechek, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2026
Tommy Roche, Boston College, 2025 Jeff Schremmer, Benedictine College, 2025
Margot Sellgren, University of Virginia, 2027 Daniel Shaw, Princeton University, 2025
Isabella Spanswick, University of Virginia, 2025 Jantzen Washington, American University, 2024
Jeremy Weaver, Sattler College, 2024 Annabel Wehrle, University of Notre Dame, 2027


2024 Constitutional Studies Fellows:

23 Constitutional Studies fellows will study key constitutional questions and controversies, led by legal expert Adam J. White and Supreme Court advocates.

William Barbee, Yale University, 2026 Alicia Boretti, Saint Vincent College, 2026
Blake Brawner, University of Texas at Austin, 2024 Blake Chen, Harvard University, 2025
Sherman Criner, Duke University, 2026 John Dreiband, Princeton University, 2025
Sean Fischer, Brown University, 2023 Mihir Gokhale, University of Texas at Austin, 2026
Kelly Han, University of California-Berkeley, 2022 Thomas Juhasz, Harvard University, 2026
Clara Kernodle, Harding University, 2026 Javier Kowalchuk, University of Florida, 2024
Desmond Lam, Princeton University, 2025 Alexandra LeBaron, University of Chicago, 2024
Jeff Lilley, University of Cambridge, 2025 Dylan Mayne, Mississippi State University, 2021
Tula Nicholson, Dartmouth College, 2025 Sophia Pekkanen, Duke University, 2024
John Phillips, Clemson University, 2024 Paige Proctor, Harvard University, 2023
William Reason, University of Pennsylvania, 2025 Aidan Sheahan, University of Virginia, 2024
Vincent Tsay, Washington University in St. Louis, 2027


2024 Security Studies Fellows:

39 Security Studies Fellows spend one to four weeks this summer studying the most pressing threats to American national security with practitioner-scholars, including former Congressman Mike Gallagher.

Emily Alcock, Loyola University-Maryland, 2024 Aldo Aragon, Harvard University, 2024
Gray Bittker, Brown University, 2027 Cole Caven, Stetson University, 2026
Brenner Cobb, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 2026 Hannah Duane, Harvard University, 2026
Cody Emerson, Florida Gateway College, 2023 Sarah Frankel, Ohio State University-Columbus, 2025
Susanna Hoffman, Patrick Henry College, 2021 Tori Jones, Baylor University, 2025
Keren Karmiel, University of South Carolina-Columbia, 2025 Kyle Keelan, College of the Holy Cross, 2025
Will Kielm, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2023 Siminette Kolodka, University of Georgia, 2024
Gregor Kossmann, Harvard University, 2025 Kalina Kulig, University of Richmond, 2026
Vicky Lee, Wellesley College, 2025 Kevin Lentz, Southwestern University, 2015
Nikita Leukhin, Kettering College, 2025 Connor Lewis, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 2024
Caroline Mahony, Dartmouth College, 2025 Max Makovsky, Muhlenberg College, 2024
Henry McDaniel, University of Pennsylvania, 2025 Thomas McKenna, Hillsdale College, 2026
Megan Mead, Hope College, 2024 Austin Merkel, Texas Christian University, 2021
Sophia Monte, Davidson College, 2024 Peredur Morgan, London School of Economics, 2024
Teddy Nuttall, Brown University, 2026 Katherine Rollins, Harvard University, 2025
Kyle Sajoyan, Liberty University, 2023 Meredith Schwartz, Tufts University, 2022
Matthew Sutcliffe, University of Cambridge, 2022 Will Tinney, Temple University, 2024
Eulasha Tisnovsky, Tufts University, 2025 Zachary Turinsky, University of Oxford, 2026
Arnav Vyas, Princeton University, 2027 Kendal Walker, Georgetown University, 2023
Michael White, Texas A&M University-College Station, 2024


2024 War Studies Fellows:

18 War Studies fellows will spend two weeks studying the theory, practice, organization, and control of war and military forces with national security leaders and senior military officers.

Frances Brantley, University of Georgia, 2025 Shilo Grayson, University of Oxford, 2025
Cassidy Hemmers, Maastricht University, 2025 Artem Ilyanok, Columbia University, 2024
Veronica Iredale, University of Vermont, 2025 Jackson Karas, Georgetown University, 2025
Nathanael Kennedy-Leroi, King’s College London, 2024 Piotr Kosik, University of Amsterdam, 2024
Carly Lehman, Harvard University, 2025 Benjamin Mack-Jackson, Rollins College, 2024
Pranav Pattatathunaduvil, Yale University, 2025 Phoebe Philip, Baylor University, 2025
Rianna Ramsey, Arizona State University-Tempe, 2025 Dao Tran, University of Virginia, 2024
Asher Spain, Harvard University, 2024 Pieter van Wingerden, Claremont McKenna College, 2024
Andrew Weaver, Columbia University, 2026 Caroline Weinstein, SUNY New Paltz, 2024