The Hertog Foundation Announces Summer 2023 Security Studies Fellows

June 14, 2023 – The Hertog Foundation announced 40 fellows for its 2023 Security Studies Program. Our Security Studies fellows will spend one to three weeks this summer studying the most pressing threats to American national security alongside outstanding peers and practitioner-scholars, including Congressman Mike Gallagher.

These courses will lead fellows through in-depth, weeklong studies on the Korean War, Chinese warfare, and U.S.-Russia relations. Guided by a practitioner’s view of national security, students will examine the events that led to some of the most consequential tests of American power and leadership. The seminars are fully subsidized by the Foundation, including housing, all course materials, and a stipend to support fellows’ study.

The Security Studies Program is open to current undergraduate and graduate students, and young professionals. Our fellows represent 32 different colleges and universities, with an average GPA of 3.79. They include a 2023 Marshall Scholar, an Army Solider with Special Operations experience, a part-time cartographer, and a former fellow with the Wall Street Journal opinion page.

The Hertog Foundation sponsors several highly competitive and selective educational programs for outstanding individuals who seek to influence the intellectual, civic, and political life of the United States. Learn more about our offerings at

2023 Security Studies Fellows:

Ely Altman, Yale University, 2025
Alice Cho, Project 2049
Connor Cowman, University of Texas-Austin, 2023
Sanyum Dalal, St. John’s College-Santa Fe, 2025
Axel de Vernou, Yale University, 2025
A.J. Dilts, Harvard University, 2023
A.J. Douglas, U.S. Navy
Ashton Ferrier, The Catholic University of America, 2024
Pieter Garicano, University of Oxford, 2023
David Gupton, University of Virginia AFROTC
Andrew Harding, The Heritage Foundation
Brady Helwig, Special Competitive Studies Project
Alex Hu, Yale University, 2023
Connor Johnson, Vanderbilt University, 2025
Maria Julian, Western Kentucky University, 2024
Nils Justen, Technical University of Munich, 2023
Leah Kieff, ICF
Matthew Taylor King, U.S. Navy
Marc Lallemand, King’s College London, 2024
Renee Lataif, Benedictine College, 2024
Jackson Lopez, Bard College, 2024
Louis Martin-Vezian, Johns Hopkins SAIS, 2024
Bobby Miller, Georgetown Law School, 2025
Kellen Narke, University of Virginia, 2025
William Nash, Princeton University, 2025
Robert Odell, University of Chicago, 2023
John Pedro, Harvard Business School, 2024
Lily Rashes, Stanford University, 2025
Daniel Salaru, Brown University, 2025
Gentry Shannon, Patrick Henry College, 2023
Derek Sprincis, University of Virginia, 2024
Jaden Stewart, Princeton University, 2026
Marcia Washburn, Patrick Henry College, 2024
Olivia Wee, Claremont McKenna College, 2025
Grant Wernick, Duke University, 2025
Sawyer Wickersham, U.S. Army
Pieter Wingerden, Claremont McKenna College, 2024
Brett Zakheim, Tufts University, 2023
Kevin Zhang, Georgetown University, 2024
Olivia Zhang, University of Texas-Austin, 2026