The Hertog Foundation Announces 2022 Political Studies Fellows

April 26, 2022 – The Hertog Foundation announced 35 fellows for its flagship Political Studies Program, a six-week residential fellowship devoted to the theory and practice of politics in the heart of the nation’s capital.

Each year, the Foundation brings together outstanding college students to study with master teachers and prominent practitioners. Faculty and speakers have included scholar and translator Robert C. Bartlett, Representative Liz Cheney, commentator Matthew Continetti, ethicist Leon Kass, National Affairs editor Yuval Levin, and Senator Ben Sasse. All fellows receive a full scholarship, residential accommodations in Washington, DC, and a $2,500 stipend to support their study.

This summer’s Political Studies Fellows represent 28 colleges and universities. They include an Afghan refugee named one of “the courageous young women of Kabul,” a former University of Maryland Student Regent now serving his hometown as a Special Assistant to the Mayor, and the co-founder of a startup focused on leveraging technology to accelerate agricultural-based industrialization in Africa.

The Political Studies Program is one of several selective educational programs for outstanding individuals who seek to influence the intellectual, civic, and political life of the United States. The Hertog Foundation offers residential and online fellowships in Political Thought & Philosophy; War & Foreign Affairs; and Economics & Domestic Policy. Learn more about our offerings at

2022 Political Studies Program Fellows

  • Jacey Albaugh, Texas Christian University, 2022
  • Cristina Aldeanueva, Trinity College, 2022
  • Sam Clark, Brown University, 2023
  • Alex Czarnecki, Harvard University, 2022
  • Andrew Davidson, Hillsdale College, 2023
  • Natan Ehrenreich, Yeshiva University, 2023
  • Vita Fellig, George Washington University, 2021
  • Levi Freedman, Deep Springs College, 2018
  • Catherine Gangemi, Clemson University, 2023
  • Aubrey Gilliam, Baylor University, 2024
  • Eleanor Hansen, Hillsdale College, 2023
  • Michael Hernández, University of Connecticut, 2022
  • Brandon Hoang, Stanford University, 2023
  • Nikbakht Iqbalzada, American University of Afghanistan, 2023
  • Baird Johnson, Stanford University, 2024
  • James Jourlait, Princeton University, 2023
  • Timothy Kinnamon, Columbia University, 2023
  • Jillian Lederman, Brown University, 2024
  • Dennis Lee, Yale University, 2024
  • Makenna McCoy, The King’s College, 2022
  • Joseph McDonough, Harvard University, 2023
  • John Pietro, College of the Holy Cross, 2022
  • Theresa Ramsay, Wyoming Catholic College, 2023
  • Michael Samaritano, Yale University, 2024
  • Matthew Samilow, Cornell University, 2022
  • Nate Sansom, Salisbury University, 2021
  • Juliette Sellgren, University of Virginia, 2025
  • David Shin, Boise State University, 2021
  • Stephen Sills, Stanford University, 2022
  • Ava Simonds, Bard College Berlin, 2022
  • Arjun Singh, University of Toronto, 2021
  • Nathalie Smallidge, St. John’s College – Annapolis, 2022
  • Jim Watson, University of Tulsa, 2022
  • Elizabeth Zarilli, Clemson University, 2024