Please read these directions carefully, and review this chart describing program eligibility and application components. If you have other questions, check our FAQs page before contacting Hertog staff. You will be asked to fill out an online application form consisting of basic information and to upload PDF or Word files of required documents.

Did you receive an email from Hertog staff alerting you of Nominated, Sponsored, or Expedited status? Your email includes a personalized link with instructions. You can also review this chart to see what application components you should submit. Note that War Studies applicants must submit ALL required application components, regardless of status.

Submitting Your Application Form

A key part of your application is an online form that captures information about you and your educational/professional background. You can save and return to this form as many times as you need to prior to the deadline.

In order to return to your application, you must click SAVE & RETURN. You will then be emailed a link that will remain effective for 30 days; use this link to resume your application. If you Save & Return, you may be asked to upload your documents again. After you have completed your application and uploaded all the necessary documents, you must click SUBMIT.

All applications that are fully submitted receive an email notification confirming the submission.

To ensure efficient notification, please make sure that emails from or are not being caught in your SPAM filter.

Uploading Required Documents

To complete your application, applicants will need to submit the following documents (PDF preferred, .doc also accepted):

  • A clear and appropriate Headshot (passport style; .jpg preferred)
  • An unofficial Academic Transcript from all colleges or universities you have attended (currently enrolled students or recent grads only)
  • Personal Statement (See program-specific instructions.)
  • An academic or professional Writing Sample (See program-specific instructions.)

Please name these files using your last name and the type of document (e.g., Kennan_resume.pdf or Kennan_headshot.jpg).

Submitting References or Letters

Applicants are asked to submit letter(s) of recommendation OR an academic/professional reference. See below to find out what you should submit:

  • Letters of recommedation are required for ALL War Studies applicants and Political Studies applicants without a nomination from a professor or Hertog alumnus. War Studies applicants must submit TWO letters, and Political Studies applicants, ONE letter.

    You can submit your letter(s) with this application form, or your recommender can upload the letter(s) here.
  • One academic or professional reference is required for ALL Humanities and Great Leaders applicants, as well as Political Studies applicants who are Nominated, Sponsored, Expedited, or a Hertog alumnus.

    You will be asked to provide your reference’s name, title, institution, and email address. References will not be asked to submit a letter of recommendation, but they may be contacted, at the discretion of Hertog Foundation staff, to provide further information about the applicant.